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The Prom Has Finally Reached Etsy

After a great deal in the making, it is now official: "A Year on the Prom" has been made available on Etsy!

It was a great deal of fun getting this going. With a dedicated team of family members (who just so happen to be self-proclaimed Etsy specialists, hawk-eyed photographers, and stellar and ever crucial tea-makers), we managed to set up a staging area on the storied wooden floor of Geraldine's Barna studio. Her prints certainly came to life against the rough wood and paint splatters, don't you think?

In addition to signed, limited editions prints of her "A Year on the Prom" series, Geraldine is also listing a selection of original oil paintings. She will soon be taking bridal bouquet commissions on Etsy, as well. Prints of Geraldine's fantastic oil and acrylic paintings documenting a year along Galway's Salthill Prom are up and ready for purchase.

Please do stop by Etsy and have a look!

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