Commission a Painting

I undertake commissions for both private and public sector clients. Past commissions have been requested for Corporate Boardrooms, Wedding Presents, Retirement Gifts, and Anniversary Surprises. 


 Most recently, I have been specialising in Bridal Bouquets. They are the perfect gift for the bride in your life to enjoy her bridal bouquet for years to come. Please see my previous bouquets here, or reach me through my contact page to commission your own. 

The commissioning process begins with contacting the client to discuss what is required. Upon agreement, an initial deposit is paid. I then undergo a two-step process by first suppling sketches and drafts to ensure the original vision is being achieved before undergoing a final painting.


 My policy on completion is that if the painting is not what is requested, the buyer is not required to proceed with the purchase. The deposit, however, would be forfeited.


 If you are interested in commissioning a painting, follow the link below to my contact page

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